Silver Connection
Silver Connection

Reliable Partner

Silver Connection has been offering and developing telecommunication solutions since 2002. With a broad experience in the industry, we have delivered robust and innovating services & solutions to our clients and partners worldwide.

We provide a wide range of solutions, from products and white-label solutions for the retail and residential market to carrier-grade solutions for telecommunication companies in the wholesale sector.

Silver Connection can help you develop highly tailored and customized solutions, which fit perfectly in your business and the targeted market.

Our own servers and service-stack provide a stable and fast infrastructure to terminate huge VoIP traffic volumes at high workloads. Our network operations center provides 24/7 monitoring and quality control at all times.


  • Competitive international rates with excellent quality and reliability
  • More than 100+ Direct routes on our state of the art network
  • Individual Routing
  • Excellent Quality
  • Accurate bills and timely payments
  • Excellent technical support

Wholesale Termination

We deliver quality voice traffic to more than 250 countries worldwide.

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Retail Termination

Quality assured routes for your Retail and Residential Traffic.

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